Here at LaatuLomat, we have been offering responsible accommodations for 25 years. We are
located in the Kaskii village at Juva, which is a nationally valuable village landscape and part of the
Saimaa Geopark area.

Here are some things that are important for us:
Customer satisfaction
-we try to develop our operations in a way that makes our customers happy with their holidays. A
good way of measuring this is the fact that we have several regular customers, and those who come
once usually come again.
Renewable energy and energy efficiency
-       10 of our rented accommodations are heated with energy efficient geothermal heat, and so
is the water
-       our mechanical ventilation equipment includes heat recovery systems
-       more than half of our destinations use solar power that they generate themselves with
solar panel systems that have a combined power output of 30 kW; these create enough
surplus power in sunny weather for us to sell
-       we use new energy efficient appliances and LED lights
-       we buy our power at the local Lumme energy provider, and they buy our surplus solar
Waste sorting
-       each accommodation has separate bins for mixed household waste and burnable waste,
which are emptied before new guests arrive. We also have composts where biowaste is taken
and bins for glass and metal waste. Our guests are instructed in waste sorting.
Cleanliness, comfort, recycling
-       our staff inspects/cleans the accommodations whenever the previous guests check out
-       if our guests have had pets with them, our staff will carry out a thorough final cleaning
-       our guests at all accommodations have at their disposal cotton or recycled cotton sauna
seat covers, kitchen towels, and hand towels, which are intended to reduce waste and the
consumption of paper towels.
Sustainable repairs, construction, and environmental care
     - our accommodations are kept in impeccable condition and all repairs are carried out
 -     An ”annual maintenance” of all accommodations is carried out at least once a year.
-       most of our accommodations are made of wood with durable and easily cleanable surface
-       we take care of the environment continuously (beaches, nearby woods, yards) and cut
down bushes and water vegetation at least once a year, or more often if necessary.
  -most of the construction works have been done by us with the help of the local workforce.
  -our guests are instructed to respect nature

Developing as an accommodation provider
-       we are committed to long-term operations, wanting to develop as a business and learn
something new all the time.
-       we are open to new ideas and developments.

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